5 Useful Interview Tips for Candidates Above 50


Over 50 and looking for a job? Fret not. You have proven to have the knowledge, skills and solid years’ experience in your field.

We’ll show you how can use those accumulated skills and experience to find the right job!

Read on to find out more.

1. Answer to the Point 

Most mature workers have decades of experience to convey in an interview.

The key to answer such interview questions in a clear and concise manner is STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

Human attention span is becoming shorter these days. You want to talk about how your skills and experience fit and add value to the job. Be direct and highlight your key strengths.

Try not to go off-tangent when discussing your work experience.

Last thing you want is to discuss your your life story with the interviewer. 

Sample interview questions:

Most interviewers would ask behavioural questions.

Some examples are: 

    • ‘Give an example of how you encountered a difficult situation and how you solved it?’
    • ‘Tell me of a time where you had multiple priorities and how you handled it?’

Interviewers want to know specific examples of 

  • How you perform under pressure
  • How flexible you are
  • How do you find solutions to resolve a difficult situation

Always prepare examples beforehand to highlight your experience as an asset.

2. Become a Role Model

Knowledge sharing with co-workers

Most employers want to see experienced workers transferring their knowledge and skill sets to their younger co-workers.

Let the interviewer know that you can add value by sharing your experience and skill sets which others in the trade might not be aware of.

Not only can you provide insights and fresh perspective, you can also learn from the way things are done differently in an organisation.

Create value for the people

Mature workers tend to possess good work habits such as dedication, commitment, and loyalty.

This helps to educate and instil positive work values to colleagues around them.

Show the interviewer that you are open to coaching the younger generation and also keen to learn from them about new age technology.

Be it on-the-job or at the personal level, you have the skills to bring to the table. So just highlights those facts in front of the interviewer. 

3. Embrace Innovation and Technology

Many times, mature workers face the stereotype that they are resistant to change or are less inclined with using technology.

Tell the interviewer examples of situations where you  proposed ideas or improved certain processes that made the company more efficient.

Give examples of when you have done things a little differently from the standard way of doing it which led to a better outcome.

Upgrade your skills

Attend courses to enrich yourself. 

Click on the links below to sign up for courses suitable for mature workers.

Show the interviewer that you are constantly learning and keeping updated with current news and technology.

National Silver Academy offers courses with subsides of up to 50% for those aged 50 and above. Skills future credit can be used on top of government subsidies. Make sure you utilise these available opportunities and include them in your resume or mention to the interviewer while meeting.

4. Don’t Sound Overqualified

Be confident, but humble.

If the manager interviewing you happens to be younger, one tip is not to exert on the years of experience you have. Employers may find that you are overqualified.

Instead, focus on key projects you have done previously, learning points and how the skills can relate to the role they are looking for.

Also, show a willingness to work and take directions from a younger manager.

Reassure them that you have worked with younger supervisors previously and have thrived under their direction.


Some mature workers may choose to downshift their careers by taking up roles with lesser responsibilities as compared to before. You may be deemed overqualified to some interviewers.

You can say things like you enjoyed doing this role in the past, however, an opening came up with more responsibilities to challenge yourself.

Or, you are looking to move to a different role to gain new skills, to be more diverse.

Also, prepare to explain how and why the position you are applying for is a good fit for your skills and interests.

5. Address Being Unemployed

 It may sound like a daunting task to re-enter the workforce after being unemployed for some time.

Keep a positive attitude and be open about why you have been unemployed, and what have you been doing in this time.

It is not uncommon for mature workers to take up temporary employment or switch industries.

For example, some may choose to drive Taxis while on the lookout for a full-time or part-time job.

Take note to assert your readiness to re-enter the workplace. Express sincerity and a keen willingness to learn.

More companies are open to hire mature workers these days. Read more about how some F&B companies are redesigning jobs to hire more mature workers.

In a Nutshell

Preparing yourself for an interview is no easy task.

Bear in mind to project enthusiasm, energy, and vitality in the interviews.

With preparation and practice, and most importantly the right mindset, it will not be as daunting as you think.

Ace that interview using the tips above!

Staying active in old age is always a good idea. If you are planning to re-enter the workforce, download our FastJobs App (Available on AppStore/ PlayStore) to look for full-time, part-time and contract job opportunities.