5 Suitable Jobs for Mature Workers in Singapore


As Singapore’s workforce ages, we see more seniors who want to continue being mature employees. The Government’s support for the mature workforce has provided more opportunities to contribute to society, with retirement and re-employment ages to be gradually raised to 65 and 70 years old respectively by 2030. Adding to this, more companies are starting to value higher inclusivity and thus have been hiring more mature workers. We highlight 5 suitable jobs for pioneers in their golden years.

1. Laundry Attendant

Everyone needs to do laundry. Singaporeans are constantly on the move and many simply have no time to handle their own laundry - which is how mature workers can help out. Working in a laundromat is not physically taxing as movement is kept to a minimum, suiting seniors who may not be keen on a physically intensive role. Interested mature job-seekers can expect a Full-Time gross salary of  $1,600 to $1,800 for a 44-hour work week. Most job responsibilities are fairly simple to carry out, including sorting and processing soiled linen and packing them for delivery.

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2. Salesperson

Turn patrons to customers. If one of the main reasons to keep active in one’s golden years is to socialise with other people, what better way than to work as a salesperson? Promoters can interact with patrons, keeping them verbally active. One job we found is to work as a Pastry Dessert Salesperson, where seniors can expect up to $1,600 monthly starting salary! Seniors with good communication skills and language abilities are welcome to apply for this position. Do note that you may have to stand for long hours!

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3. Cashier

Keep your Mind Young. Most cashiering positions are senior-friendly and are constantly in demand!  Cashiering keeps your brain active and are suitable for elderlies facing difficulties standing for long periods, since many cashiers are allowed to sit. A mature job-seeker can look forward to an hourly rate of $10 and you may even receive increments for good performance!

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4. Call Centre Representative

Provide help for Customers. Known to be open to mature employees, you can consider working as a Call Centre Representative! You will be seated down in an air-conditioned environment most of the time, with relatively low physical demands. Mature job-seekers can expect salaries starting from $1,700, or $8.50/hour for Part-Time commitments. If you have excellent communication skills (a plus if you are bilingual!) and love to answer customer queries, apply for a position via FastJobs!

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5. Shop Assistant

Earn and Interact. Working as a Shop Assistant is also a great option for mature workers - and here’s why. Retail offers great opportunities for advancement and incentives. Employees who sell well to customers will be rewarded suitably. Retail is also a great social industry, since you will surround yourself with people of all ages. When you love working with people around you, it definitely motivates you to get up for work everyday! Retail salaries can pay $1,600 together with commissions.

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In a Nutshell

There are more and more companies who are keeping their doors open for mature employees To explore jobs which specifically are welcoming to mature employees, search ‘Mature Workers’ on FastJobs and apply now! For those who do not specify, mature employees can also apply for relevant jobs based on their past experiences. Know any seniors that are looking for jobs suitable for them? Share this article with your friends and spread these relevant opportunities! Do let us know if we missed out any pointers, we would like to hear them too!

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