8 Reasons why Everyone should consider working in F&B


Brown-sugar Bubble Tea, Salted Egg Yolk and anything Mala - these are probably considered food heaven for many Singaporeans.

We love eating, but have you ever considered working to serve up these dishes instead of just eating it?

If you haven’t thought about it, here are 8 reasons why everyone can consider working in the F&B industry.


1. More Redesigned Jobs to Suit Your Needs

F&B is a sector where companies are constantly hiring.

With it getting harder to hire, F&B companies are redesigning job scopes to suit flexi-employees.

If you’re a student, such jobs can help you build up your job experience while earning funds for school and general expenses.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, flexi-jobs are perfect if you want to start working again, but still have family responsibilities..

Jumbo Group, for example, started employing more part-time employees and students (from Generations Y and Z) in order to tackle their labour crunch. 

Be it a student or a stay-at-home mother, it’s prime time for you to consider applying for a flexible job!

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2. More Opportunities for Mature Workers

Better healthcare, longer work-term. With better medical care, seniors nowadays are much fitter and healthier, and looking to work well into their 60s and 70s.

Globally, companies like Suntec Singapore, Johnson & Johnson and H&M are recognized as being age-friendly in their recruitment.

McDonald’s, for example, tailors job scopes based on the capabilities of mature employees.

Seniors are welcomed to apply for low-intensity jobs like cashiering, cleaning and kitchening.

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3. Disabled-friendly Job Opportunities

It may take extra planning, but some Singapore companies have taken it upon themselves to make their companies friendly to people with disabilities.

This includes efforts to incorporate special trainings to prepare disabled employees for their job scopes.

Han’s Group runs a buddy system for employees with disabilities.

It fosters compassion in the working environment and employees tend to offer help without being asked.

4. Fast-paced Environment

Dish-washing, waitering, cooking and cashiering - there’s so many responsibilities to go around in running an F&B establishment. 

In a high pressure industry like F&B, a slow-paced day will be a rare sight.

What to expect. Dealing with customers, accidents and serving orders will keep you on your toes and learning how to react quickly and effectively.

You’ll be asked to multi-task, and learn multiple roles that may not be within your formal job scope.

For instance, you may be required to operate the cash register while waitering if there’s a labor shortage.

Skills Gained. Being in a pressure-cooker environment can improve your dexterity, impromptu decision-making and stress management.

5. It's Good Money

In 2018, F&B has the second highest salary increment with promotion at 18.3%, behind Hotelling & Hospitality at 23.6% in Singapore.

What does it mean? Climbing the F&B corporate ladder rewards you well.

Backline. In the kitchen, Commis chefs with 0-1 year of experience are usually paid $1,200-$1,800 monthly.

Frontline. At the front-line, service crews with 0-1 years of experience receive $1,600-$2,000 starting monthly salary.

Attractive salaries aside, kitchen staff can enjoy various healthcare, insurance, bonuses (for full-time employees) and meal-allowances.

We know you’re keen to see what jobs are available in the F&B industry.

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6. Discounts and Free Eats

In Singapore, nothing’s better than having a kaki with staff discounts to your favorite eatery.

Working in F&B, you’ll get exclusive discounts when you bring your family and friends. 

Brands like KFC, Fish & Co. and A&W are known to provide free meals during breaks and staff discounts for employees.

7. You'll Never Get Bored

Other than seeing your colleagues everyday, you’ll get to meet people from all walks of life.

Serving different people everyday helps build empathy - helps understand different personalities. 

During your lucky days, you may also stumble across famous figures visiting the eatery and may get the golden chance to serve them.

That said, we won’t want to sugar coat the whole experience.

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8. You'll Learn Teamwork

As for all jobs, teamwork is the key success ingredient in the F&B industry.

Working together daily creates a solid bond between your colleagues, which helps to expand your network too!

Important numbers. Our Employers have told us that Teamwork (44%) is an important job trait that employers look out for, behind Hard Work (44%) and Integrity (57%).

Since it’s so highly demanded, possessing a strong sense of teamwork makes you more marketable in the eyes of employers.

In a Nutshell

The F&B industry isn’t always flowers and clear skies, it’s a demanding industry, but a very rewarding one.

TLDR: For quick salary increments, many important skills learnt and exclusive discounts and free meals, the F&B industry is for you.

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