Why You Should Consider Being a Tea Barista: Increasing Job Opportunities in the Tea Industry


Tiger Sugar, The Alley, Playmade, Milksha and the list goes on.

Today we see these hot favourite bubble tea stalls at every corner of the mall.

Established bubble tea brands such as Each-a-cup, Gongcha and Koi are stepping up with a variety of flavours, suitable for every taste bud.

Since the bubble tea industry in Singapore is in full swing, why not take advantage and find a full time or part-time job in this booming business?

Read on to find out why you should consider to become a tea barista.

1. Worldwide industry growth

The global bubble tea market was valued at US$1.96 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach US$3.21 billion by 2023, according to research firm- Allied Market Research. 

Taiwan’s pearly drink has made headway not just in Asia, but also in Europe and North America.

Armed with strict quality standards and an obsessive attention to detail, we cannot deny that bubble tea has captured consumers’ hearts and wallets in many parts of the world.

This has given rise to many job opportunities in this sector. 

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2. High profits 

As compared to coffee, bubble tea gives you a completely customisable drink experience at a competitive price. 

It is a few dollars more than a cup of teh-c and a few dollars less than a cup of Starbucks.

Not only that, it comes in a fancy takeaway cup and is visually appealing, not to mention insta-worthy as well.

Many Singaporeans have adopted bubble tea as their go-to everyday lifestyle drink.

"In the F&B industry, it's a known fact that selling drinks gives the highest profit margin," says Gerald Hee, the managing director of Taiwanese chain Jenjudan in Singapore.

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3. More than just a fad

Unsure if the bubble tea craze is here to stay? Fret not. 

With the entry of new international brands in the Singapore market, rest assured that bubble tea is here to stay. 

Variety of choices

Many bubble tea stores are coming up with product differentiation to establish their brand.

They provide diversity in flavours and are constantly coming up with tactical ways to attract more consumers. 

Brands such as The Alley, Milksha and Koi offer a cafe-style concept for people to sit down and enjoy the tea. 

Xinfutang and Playmade offer healthier choices with pearls made from natural ingredients like plant-based sugars for more health-conscious customers.

Given the variety of bubble tea shops that are expanding in Singapore and overseas, job opportunities for a tea barista are plentiful.

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4. Good training ground

Being a tea barista helps you to gain solid experience in using the finest quality ingredients such as tea sourced from other parts of the world. 

You can learn about the unique recipes that go into creating the perfect tea. 

One key factor in making tea is down to the details, such as controlling the right temperature, timing and following the right process and procedures to ensure quality. 

From running the operations of a store, bookkeeping, networking and interacting with people from all walks of life. 

These essential skill sets are what you can gather from being a tea barista which can be later be applied to any type of job in the industry.

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In a nutshell

Whether it is for part time or full time job, being a tea barista sure has its own perks. 

Being associated with such a booming industry will definitely get you ahead in terms of skills that you learn from crafts like getting the right blend of flavours as well as soft skills that you learn from working on the ground.

Moreover, you will be able to learn how to use the latest technologies and systems in-store and online platforms. 

The bubble tea and its supporting industries are set to grow in the next few years, so why not consider being a tea barista?

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