The Mysterious World of Logistics: What exactly is it and why it's the job for you


Written by Chrissabel Kum

Ever thought of what goes on behind the scenes after you make a purchase online? Or how does the flow of goods arrive from production into the hands of the consumer?

If you are curious to find the answers for yourselves, you should consider joining the logistics industry. Logistics establishes the critical link between manufacturers’ goods and services to the end consumers. 

Many companies such as Redmart, Amazon, and Shopee have invested in finding more cost-effective solutions to cope with rising consumer demand. 

Not just in e-commerce, but the rise in trade relations is a world-wide phenomenon. The logistics industry is ever-growing and advancing in a digitalized economy. It contributes to 9.4% of Singapore's GDP, employing over 180,000 workers.

Read on to find out what the logistics industry is and what job opportunities it has in store for you.

Different industries in logistics

Today, 21 of the world's top 25 third-party logistics (3PLs) providers are based in Singapore. They include companies like Agility, DHL and FedEx. Besides these 3PL and 4PL logistics companies, EDB and SPRING Singapore are venturing into niche industries such as biomedical sciences, perishables and oil, and gas. 

These government bodies are continuously working with academic institutions to equip students with the relevant skill sets, developing these specialized capabilities once they enter the workforce. 

Whether you are a student looking for more work experience in the industry, or a working adult looking for a career switch in logistics, there is an abundance of job opportunities in a variety of industries catered to different goods and services on FastJobs.

Training courses in logistics

For working professionals looking at furthering their skills in the logistics sector, check out the skills framework here. 

For those who are looking for a career switch to the logistics industry, do check out professional courses such as the Professional Conversion Programme for Logistics Officer/ Executive.

For current employees in logistics, or fresh poly graduates looking to improve their skills and knowledge in the logistics industry, do consider taking up a post-diploma under Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management).

Jobs in the logistics sector

Jobs in the logistics sector have become more sophisticated in recent years. Employees often have to undergo training to keep up with the new technologies introduced by companies. 

From contract jobs to full-time and part-time jobs, there are plenty of suitable job roles to suit your age, work commitment, and career level. 

Here are some jobs in the logistics industry which you can consider. 

1. Warehouse Assistant / Packer

For mature workers looking to re-enter the workforce, you can consider being a packer. It is a relatively simple job, mostly located near the neighbourhood. The working hours are short, routine and flexible. 

More importantly, you can get to be part of the production process from assembly to packaging. Plus, there is definitely demand for packers at this time of the year where there are ongoing year-end sales and festivities. It is the perfect job for those on the lookout for temporary, part-time or contract roles.

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2. Logistics Administrator

A flair for keeping things structured, neat and in order? Why not consider being a logistics administrator. 

If you are a fresh graduate just starting out in your career, this could be a great stepping stone for you to gain entry into the logistics industry. 

You can expect to learn the tips of the trade on the job, the common processes, and systems, the problems and solutions to better equip yourself as you gain a foothold in the logistics industry.

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3. Operations Manager

If you like to think of the big picture, create and improve work processes and systems, then the role of an operations manager will be the job for you. 

For those who are looking for a mid-career switch, you should consider joining the logistics sector. It is an ever-growing industry here in Singapore, especially since we are the trading hub of the region. 

Here, you can gain the right skills and expertise to take on projects and learn about process development and improvements. With such experience, opportunities for career growth and promotion will arise.

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4. Demand Planner

Are you someone who likes working with numbers and figures? 

If you like analysing facts and figures and spotting trends in data, apart from working in finance, you can consider being a demand planner. 

For those with experience in inventory management or forecasting can consider this role as a mid-career switch. It is suitable for those with a degree in Business or supply chain management.

This role allows you to work with many other departments in the organisation and get a holistic view of the supply chain process.

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In a nutshell

Joining the logistic industry might sound like a foreign concept to most people. However, be rest assured that the industry presents good prospects. 

As the rise of e-commerce and the move towards digitalisation takes shape in the economy, the skills and knowledge gained in logistics will definitely help you further your career in the industry.