The 4 Types Of Personalities Who Should Work In Events

Written By: Ezra Gideon

With studies piling up and a constant barrage of exams, establishing financial independence might seem like an uphill battle. But that's where the wonders of a part-time job come in. Working part-time gives you the flexibility you’re looking for, while acquiring useful skills, and quick cash.


The world of events will test you and introduce you to a wide range of skills you might have never known you had. If you’re not the type to sit still for approximately eight hours a day, then this industry is for you! Here are some roles you may enjoy based on your personality:

1. The Multitasker


Doing multiple jobs at the same time might sound challenging, but it's a skill that's extremely valuable in events. If manning a booth while talking to customers and packing goods doesn't sound too hard to handle, you're in the right place. Although not all these tasks are going to be glamorous, you won’t find yourself thrown into the deep end, and you'll be supported by your team. Suggested roles: Booth Attendants, Runners for Organizers, Event Promoter

2. The Planner


If you like making plans and seeing them through, there are many roles in events that are a good fit for you. Jobs like event executives and research surveyors require planning skills. There are many parts to making an event successful, which will require good time management, clear communication and careful attention to detail. Or if you're a particularly curious and data-centric person, being a research surveyor could lead to some interesting insights about your company's target audience. Suggested roles: Packing & Event Setup, Events Executive, Flyer Distribution, Research Surveyors

3. The People Person


If you’re great at thinking on your feet and talking to people, you'll love events too! The hundreds of thousands of visitors just mean there will be plenty of opportunity to practise your charm and winning smile. Whether it's convincing your friends to come work with you or convincing visitors to buy your products, your gift of the gab will shine in events. After so much practice with people, you’ll definitely get an edge when you start work for real and start dealing with even more people. Suggested roles: Booth Attendant, Emcee, Brand Ambassador

4. The Jack of All Trades


You're a capable person and nothing fazes you because you're just that good at everything. You are also a quick learner. You understand that events are unpredictable and are able to adapt quickly to changes in plans. When deliveries don't show up or when a team is one man down, people usually look to you to save their skins. The problem-solving skills you picked up at secondary school adventure camps will come in handy in the world of events, and you're truly the hero we deserve. Suggested roles: Assistant Organiser, Logistics, Event Coordinator

Survival Tips

1. Drink up!


Events requires you to be very active, and you'll be parched from running around all day and talking to people. Bring a bottle with you in case they don't give you one. You'll save money too! Drinks aren't usually cheap in event spaces. Don't forget sunscreen if you're working outdoors!

2. Make friends


You're here to do a job, but you should make some friends too! Events brings you co-workers from all over Singapore and it's a great way to make new friends.

3. Connect With Your Employers


If you liked working for the event, make sure you tell your employer. Chances are, there's another one just around the corner. You'll get first dibs when they're looking for people to hire. If you can stick to the same employer, it'll be easier to negotiate for a higher pay once you've earned their trust.

4. Wear Proper Shoes


Most event positions don't really allow much sitting — so if you're going to constantly be on your feet; might as well do it comfortably. Track shoes with great arch support aren't going to look sexy, but it's a worthy sacrifice if it means surviving through hours of standing. There you have it folks, some insights from a former part-timer in events. If you’re struggling to find a job in your free time, FastJobs helps you get a part time job - fast. Browse through the events jobs here.

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