A Resume: A Gateway To More Opportunities

Non-executive workers paid little to no attention to creating a resume. Many times often they feel that they do not need it as their jobs are not strategic or crucial. However, a resume enables the organizations to understand you better and invite you down for an interview. This helps you to stand out from the rest and can potentially get you hired.


With that in mind, FastJobs created the resume-builder on our platform that is simple to use and straightforward. It takes less than 7 minutes to input your past experiences, skills, known languages and educations. Once you have entered the details, simply select the "generate resume" button and the FastJob resume builder will create a comprehensive resume.

Here are some testimonials from our users that have used the FastJob Resume Builder;

"The resume builder is extremely helpful as it reduces the time it takes to create the resume. It compiles all of the information in my profile to a word document that I can use to apply for jobs on the FastJobs platform or even for walk-in-interviews. I will recommend this to all who wants to save time and get jobs fast!"

-FastJobs User / Student / 21 Years Old

"Many of the employers that I have applied on my own often rejected me as I did not have a solid resume. With the FastJobs resume builder, it helped me compiled all the necessary information in a single document. With the FastJobs resume builder, it gave me a head start compared to my peers that are clueless about creating a RESUME."

-FastJobs User / Student / 19 Years Old

"As a skill-based worker, I never once thought that I needed a resume. When I wanted to make a career switch, I was asked for a resume and I never had one! But now with FastJobs and the resume builder, it is extremely easy to generate a resume and to send it to my prospect hirer. Thank you FastJobs!"

-FastJobs User / Admin assistant / 35 Years Old

So if you think that a resume is not important, think again! Let us give you a headstart in creating a resume. Head over to our FastJobs platforms:(Click Here) and follow the steps below to create your resume and start standing out from the rest!

1. Ensure that you have selected the relevant skill available

2. Ensure that you have updated the education portion

3. Ensure that you have updated the experience portion - Very important!

4. Now that the important details are filled up, go ahead and select “Generate My Resume” in the resume portion.

You may also download and print the resume to bring along during your walk-in-interview to stand out from the rest!

Go ahead and apply for your preferred jobs now!

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours!

Signing off~
Team FastJobs SG
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