#PassionInProfession: Overcoming confidence hurdles in the haircare industry


Written by Jovan Lee

Beauty and confidence often feed off one another. People with healthy, beautiful hair tend to be more confident, and confident people often appear more beautiful. In the haircare industry, confidence is a trait that can’t be skimped on. A confident consultant gives customers the peace of mind that their hair is in good and capable hands. 

As for Hui Hui, a branch manager at Beijing 101, her road to beautiful hair and confidence was paved with hurdles and learning curves, but her experience at 101 has helped her overcome her struggles. We spoke to her to find out how she got her start in the haircare industry and how she was able to pick up the tricks of the trade while on the job. 

Overcoming early struggles and her transition into a haircare career

With no experience in haircare and working at a packing job in a factory, Hui Hui first heard of Beijing 101 when her friend, who was working with 101 at the time, told her about the job in Singapore. Intrigued by the role and the career progression prospects, Hui Hui decided to get in touch with the HR team at Beijing 101.

Scanning a customer’s scalp for damages and dandruff

Struggling with low confidence, Hui Hui believed that she wouldn’t be able to meet the lofty expectations at 101, and this left her on the fence about joining the company. However, the HR team was able to convince her that she would be able to perform well to the expectations with the proper training and attitude.

In search of a better job with improved prospects and more stability, Hui Hui decided to move to Singapore from her home country of China. Thus, her journey in the haircare industry began, sending her into a world of many challenges but also, much satisfaction.

Training hard with the attitude to learn new things and constantly improve

With her sights set solely on completing her course, Hui Hui approached her training with the attitude of learning as much as she could. The training was no walk in the park, but Hui Hui told herself that whatever she was learning was for herself. 

“I never realized that the training was tough because I always told myself that I was learning these things for myself,” Hui Hui says, “I would never get the chance to learn how to give a proper scalp massage or hair wash if I hadn’t faced my fears.”

Washing and cleaning hair with shampoo

Armed with the attitude of learning and self-improvement, Hui Hui gained knowledge and insights into an industry that she was initially unfamiliar with. 

Time flies when you’re having fun and enjoying your work

It’s been 10 years since Hui Hui first came to Singapore to learn about the haircare industry, but it’s been a quick ten years that she realizes went by in a flash. She never planned to work at Beijing 101 for that many years, but attributes her long service to the satisfaction she gets from making customers happy.

“What I really love most about my job is providing great treatments to the customers,” Hui Hui says as she talks about what keeps her motivated in her work, “Seeing the happiness and satisfaction on the customers’ faces gives me a great sense of accomplishment.” 

Performing an acupressure scalp massage

But it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies for Hui Hui. 

When she first started out as a hair consultant, Hui Hui couldn’t shake the feeling that her customers weren’t content with her treatment. But Hui Hui soon realized that it was her confidence that was hindering her progression, not her abilities.

With support from her colleagues and senior managers, Hui Hui was able to muster more and more courage every day she was at work. She studied her peers and applied the same soft skills they showcased when communicating with customers. 

“Once I passed the initial hump of dealing with customers, my confidence grew by the day,” says Hui Hui, “now I’m extremely confident when speaking to customers and they’re honestly one of the reasons why I love my job.” 

Her commitment to learning and improving her soft skills is what helped Hui Hui bridge the gap between employee and customer, allowing her to forge on in her job with newfound confidence. Now, Hui Hui is a branch manager at Beijing 101 and has not looked back since.

The future is bright for the ambitious Hui Hui in the haircare industry

She’s worked her way up the ladder over the years, but Hui Hui doesn’t want to stop there. With plans on getting a Singapore Permanent Resident status, Hui Hui’s heart is with Beijing 101 and intends to work and grow with the company for as long as she can.

Hui Hui hopes that she is able to work up the finances to move her family over to Singapore in the hopes of a better future here, and is taking the necessary steps to become an even better Beijing 101 employee.

Drying and styling hair using a non-frizzing hairdryer

Her methods of growing in the company include attending management courses that will help her communicate with her team and lead them more effectively as a branch manager. 

“I want to reach out to people and let them know of a possible career here at 101, just like my friend reached out to me 10 years ago,” says Hui Hui, spotting a hopeful sparkle in her eyes. 

To avoid burning out in her pursuit, Hui Hui enjoys shopping and exercises regularly to keep herself focussed and let off some steam in her leisure time. That being said, her commitment to her work and ambition to improve are traits that we can all learn as jobseekers and employees. It’s never enough just to get an interview and get hired, it’s how we grow from there that determines our paths in life.

Hui Hui’s advice to jobseekers out there who are considering the haircare industry

“People looking for a stable career where growth opportunities are abundant and training is provided should consider working in the beauty and haircare industry.” Hui Hui says with enthusiasm about sharing her job.

Referring to jobs at Beijing 101 as an example, she mentions that experience is not needed when applying for a job here, and all it takes is a good attitude and the willingness to learn. 

Analyzing the scalp after the treatment

“Working here, and I think, at any job, is mostly a mental thing. Once your confidence is up and you’re more comfortable with yourself, you’ll find the job much more fulfilling,” Hui Hui ends off with some words of encouragement for full-time jobseekers.

Exploring and conquering new jobs in interesting industries

Hui Hui’s story of how she came to work at Beijing 101 is a testament to how our career plans are never a singular path. Life may take you down a road that you may never have seen yourself walking, but keeping a learning mindset can lead you to unexpected opportunities.

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