#PassionInProfession: 3 security professionals providing us with a greater sense of security

Written by Jovan Lee

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear blue uniforms and keep us safe by staying vigilant and always keeping a watchful eye out for threats to our security. These everyday heroes are more commonly known as security officers - people who not only ensure the safety of people but also prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. 

Some of us may have misconceptions about this line of work - it’s an occupation not often glamourized by the media or discussed widely in the news. But the professionals keeping our homes and workplaces safe have many layers to them, both in their everyday lives, as well as their responsibilities at work.

To learn more about what goes into a job in security, we talked to 3 security professionals from our security team here at SPH, each with uniquely distinct backgrounds and different perspectives on their day-to-day operations. Here’s what Daniel, Waileen, and Johan had to say.

Origin stories

It’s probably not every child’s dream to be a security officer when they grow up, but that doesn’t make becoming a security professional any less desirable. With differing backgrounds and paths to becoming a security officer, each of our 3 interviewees offers unique insights into the job.

With 20 years in the security line, Johan is the most experienced of the lot. The 42-year-old spent his national service in the police force, attributing his inspiration to join security to his time spent as a policeman. The skills he picked up from being in the police force are unsurprisingly relevant to the skills he displays as a security officer, making the transition to a full-time security officer easier.

Johan guarding the gates of SPH

Much like Johan, Daniel also spent time working in the police force before making the switch to security. His 10-year experience in the force translates well to the security line as he did not have to attend the 2 basic courses in order to attain his security license. Making the transition only a year ago, Daniel, now 45, prefers the stability and less stressful nature of the security job, giving credit to a friend who referred him to the security management here at SPH.

Daniel stationed at the guard house

Compared to Johan and Daniel, Waileen had a very different path to security. Having worked in marketing for 43 years, she made the transfer to security in 2017 and has been loving her new job ever since. 

“I’ve always been interested in security, and it’s an entirely different nature of a job, so why not?” Waileen responds when asked why she decided to make the switch.

Waileen intends to raise awareness about security in her workplace

No matter your background, never rule out the possibility of making a move to join the security industry - they’re always looking for determined and talented people to excel in security!

A heightened sense of responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility. Just like spider-man, our security professionals become vigilant protectors, safekeeping their environment whenever they put on their blue uniforms. 

Authorized personnel only

“There’s a lot of responsibility in a security job, and you are accountable for the well-being of others,” Security Officer Daniel on the importance of his job.

Daniel also benefits from the work-life balance he’s able to enjoy as a security officer. Duties are distributed evenly and his shift work clears up some time for him to spend with his family. 

With similarly positive opinions on the flexibility of shift work, Johan explains that the health benefits and leave days he receives in his time as a security officer adds on to his satisfaction with the job. A friendly and outspoken individual, Johan also enjoys meeting new people who come in and out of his guardhouse, always trying his best to give people a positive experience dealing with security. 

Unlike Daniel and Johan, Waileen works in an administrative role, but loves helping people and takes pride in her role. She speaks passionately about increasing the awareness of security measures in her workplace, always ensuring that her co-workers wear their passes while maintaining a polite approach.

Dealing with people isn’t always easy. Ask any security officer and they’ll tell you that sometimes they encounter difficult visitors who try to bend the rules and regulations that are put in place. Insisting on parking in a full carpark, misplacing access passes and unauthorized visitors are just some of the challenges that Daniel, Johan, and Waileen all face in their daily duties.

It’s part of the job, says Daniel, highlighting that security personnel are trained to handle difficult situations and are prepared for emergencies as well. 

Never a routine job

Motivation plays a huge factor when selecting a career path. In security, rest assured that you will never find yourself stagnating or without a challenge - there are always different trials to conquer and new faces to greet. 

“We have to be prepared for any kind of situation. That’s why we go for courses to improve our skills as security officers,” says Daniel.

Same place, different encounters

Trained in recognizing terrorist threats, all 3 security officers have been through advanced security courses and are actively looking to register for more of such courses to constantly upgrade themselves. Johan looks to further his qualifications as a security officer by getting his diploma in Security Management, a self-funded ambition which he hopes to achieve and raise his personal standards. 

The Security Industry Institute is where prospective security officers can go to enroll in a security course to get a license to start working in security. Additionally, active security professionals looking to better their qualifications and advance upwards in their industry can seek out an advanced course to learn a new skill. 

A change of scenery

Security work can be demanding, but it gives people the opportunity to interact and work with people on a personal level. On top of that, it’s a job that requires constant upgrading and an open mind to changes and improvements. But don’t take it from me. 

Security equipment that every officer will learn to handle

“Many companies are placing higher emphasis on security, so security officers are also being upgraded constantly to combat larger threats,” says Waileen, “It’s also important to be fit and ensure that you are disciplined and never complacent.”

Waileen and Daniel, who both made career switches to security, are very pleased with their new career trajectory and hope to continue working in the security industry. Johan, on the other hand, has worked security nearly his whole life and wants to rise up the ranks of the industry. 

On the lighter side of things, a job in security can be less stressful as Johan explains: “There’s plenty of flexibility in the scheduling and I have regular off days where I can run errands, spend time with family, or play football with my friends”.

Daniel, a movie buff in his free time, is also enjoying the work-life balance of a security job, while Waileen engages herself in church activities and regularly meets up with ex-colleagues whenever she’s not busy at work.

Secure a job in security

If you are considering a switch to security, or have always been interested in protecting the lives of others, consider applying for a job as a security professional. There are plenty of security positions on FastJobs, download the app and start applying right away!

Just like Daniel, Johan, and Waileen, you might love the stability, flexibility, and the challenge of a security job.