How to Prepare for a Video Job Interview


Written By Hanisah Sajahan


With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, we’re noticing more and more employers conducting interviews through video calls. Conducting interviews through video calls saves both the interviewer and interviewees time, and some companies may opt to use video technology for their regular interviews. Thus, this practice is becoming more and more common as technology becomes more and more prevalent in today’s society. 


Not sure what’s expected of you when participating in a video interview? Worry not, FastJobs is here with some tips on how you can effectively prepare for a video interview to ensure your interview goes as smoothly as possible, impressing your prospective employers in the process.


Get a good internet connection

Internet connection is one of the most important factors that determine if the job interview turns out smoothly. With a bad internet connection, there would be unnecessary interruptions which would just make it incredibly inconvenient for both you and the interviewer. It might also reflect badly on you as they may form an impression that you did not prepare yourselves beforehand.


If you’re home, turn on your Wi-Fi router, find a spot with a strong connection, and ensure that there are no circumstances that might cause you to disconnect or get a weaker signal. That includes other household members overloading the Wi-Fi signal, causing your connection to weaken.


Having a good internet connection keeps both you and the interviewer engaged throughout and makes the entire interview process a much smoother one. Don’t skip on good internet!


Put on proper attire




You may be home, ‘Netflix and Chill-ing’ right before your interview but hey, DO NOT answer that video call in your PJs because that is going to look absolutely unprofessional. 


Comb your hair, freshen up and put on a smart, presentable shirt. No one can see what’s under the table so your bottoms might not really matter, I’d say. Just make sure you don’t stand up and walk across the camera!


It may be a video call but it’s still a job interview and the first impression really matters. You can afford to be a little less dressed down, and you won’t have to put on shoes if you’re home, but make sure you look neat and smart throughout the job interview.


Use an earpiece with a microphone




Using a working earpiece with a microphone makes a massive difference in the clarity of your voice and how well you are able to hear the interviewer as well. The microphone from the earpiece captures your voice with much more clarity and the earpiece will project sound into your ears much more consistently than a regular laptop or phone speakers can. 


It would also greatly minimise the noise from your surroundings muddying up the job interview as you and the interviewer struggle to hear one another. You definitely don’t want your interviewer to be hearing your neighbour’s barking dog.


Therefore, using an earpiece with a microphone helps the job interview to be conducted in a more conducive manner and reduces the chances of interruptions and distractions. 


Find someplace quiet




A conducive environment would better facilitate the interview as you can stay focused during the interview without getting distracted by your favourite television show or a commotion that is going on in your surroundings. You wouldn’t want your interviewer to be more engrossed with what’s going on around you than with you. Getting distracted during an interview can make you look unprepared as your train of thoughts may be disrupted due to the bustling environment around you. 


Get in a quiet room with little or best yet, no people, where it would be favourable for you to process your thoughts well without getting distracted by other factors. A quiet environment helps both you and the interviewer focus on the interview and gives the interviewer the impression that you are well-prepared and have thought through your job interview.


Charge your device 




If your device, be it a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, remember to charge it beforehand or connect it to the charger before the interview begins. You certainly wouldn’t want the power going off in the middle of the interview. 


Making your interviewer wait until you find an alternative solution to contact them is definitely not the ideal situation. It may be embarrassing having to actually explain that the power on your device died, showing the interviewer that you weren’t prepared for the job interview.


Prepare yourself for the interview by charging your devices or keeping your chargers by your side and on standby.


Wrapping up


A video interview should be less nerve-wracking as compared to a face to face interview as you would tend to be a little more comfortable in your own space, and you would have more time to prepare yourself. You might feel less pressure and stress from the environment, which could give you a better chance of performing well during the interview. 


We hope these tips help you in your preparation for any video job interviews that might come your way, so you won’t be in shock when your prospective employers request a video job interview instead! You'll need to apply for a job before you get that video job interview! Download the FastJobs app and apply for jobs that fit your requirements!