4 Tips To Find Your Ideal Job Fast

Searching for an ideal job? You’re not alone! The hunt for the perfect job can take weeks or even months. For many of us, the process of searching for a job that is suitable for us can be tedious yet disheartening.

Fret not, here are 4 tips for you to find your ideal job faster than ever!

1. Utilising the Discover Tab

Discover jobs that are specially recommended for you at your fingertips.

With this feature, you won’t have to scroll through tonnes of job that you have no interest in. Jobs will be suggested based on your browsing history and you’ll get jobs in your area of interests and expertise.

For example, if I have been looking up on F&B jobs, this is how my Discover Tab will look like:

Discover Tab

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry check out your personalised Discover Tab now!

2. Using the Location Filter to Your Advantage

Save the hassle of filtering out jobs that are too far away from your home.

To many, the location of our workplace matters most to us. Of course, this is mainly so that we can have more sleep!

Working near your home may also reduce stressful encounters from commuting to and fro, especially when you are stuck in traffic and are running late for work.

Furthermore, saving on transport cost is the first step to earning from your job!

Location Filter

Hence, with this location filter put in place, you can select from the list and pick maximum 5 of your favourite and most convenient job locations!

3. Browse by Job Functions

View job postings shown to you based on your preferences.

Searching for jobs you have in mind?

By filtering your preferences based on these job functions, it will save you unnecessary time which can be allocated to applying more jobs! (which means more chances of getting employed!)

Job Functions

4. Utilise the Saved/Applied Jobs Tabs

Browse your saved or applied jobs the fastest way!

Have you ever wondered where can we list down the jobs we are interested in or have applied for and can easily refer to them?

Now, with these Saved/Applied Jobs Tabs, you can save your preferred jobs for future references or apply for the job you want with just a click!

Save Jobs

Your favourite jobs will be stored in the Saved Jobs Tab for 7 days and the jobs that you apply for via email or phone will be recorded under the Applied Jobs Tab for 30 days.

This will significantly reduce the hassle of constantly keeping track of the jobs that you are interested in.


We hope these 4 tips will speed up your process in looking for your preferred job!

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