How a Programmer, a Dancer, and a Student Found Their Calling in Community Care


Written by Jovan Lee

Community Care is one sector that cannot do without the human touch. As humans, we crave the companionship of other humans, and those in the community care sector who serve as caregivers cannot be easily replaced.

Meet 3 individuals working in the Community Care sector, each with a unique story of how they ended up following their passion for caring for others. 

Former programmer’s passion for caring for others led her to join Community Care

Care, unsurprisingly, is probably the largest driving factor behind the community care sector. For many CommCare workers, caring for others is what fuels their passion for their job.

Like many of her peers in the CommCare sector, Ms. Thirunavukkarasu Bavani realized that she had the desire to help and care for others. A former Flash software programmer, she decided to apply for a therapy aide position at the Ren Ci Hospital.

“My hobby is to go online and look up information on how to keep fit and active, how to prepare food that is healthy for children and the elderly, and so on,” she shares. Ms. Bavani displays the right attitude to deliver quality service from the heart to those under her care.

After attending a healthcare job fair, Ms. Bavani decided to put her knowledge to good use and apply for a therapy aide position at Ren Ci Hospital. There, she went through the Community Care Discovery Programme to experience what it’s like in Community Care and better understand its different roles.

Switching careers can seem daunting for some, but the CommCare sector helps smoothen the transition with on-the-job training and help from mentors. Joining CommCare mid-career is probably smoother than most people imagine it to be.

As a therapy aide, she forms strong bonds with the residents she cares for every day. Working hard to make a difference in the lives of others, this motivates her to keep going.

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Swapping her dancing shoes for a physiotherapist’s uniform  

Chan Mei Fei discovered her passion for CommCare in a different way. Coming from a background in dance, she had not initially planned to join the sector. After suffering a dance-related injury, Mei Fei was put on a physiotherapy regime to aid her recovery. While she was a patient, she was inspired by the commitment and knowledge that the physiotherapists treating her displayed. She knew she wanted to do the same for others.

Mei Fei finds her work meaningful whenever she sees her residents improve their mobility and increasing their enthusiasm for exercise. Spurred on after winning the Balaji Sadasivan Study Award, an award administered by the Agency of Integrated Care, Mei Fei plans to continue her physiotherapy work at the Salvation Army’s Peacehaven Nursing Home after she graduates. 

Mei Fei’s story proves that no matter your educational background, your passion can lead you towards a meaningful career that you may never have expected. She shares that getting to know the elderly residents made it easier for her to transition into her new job, as she was made to feel comfortable in her new surroundings and developed a bond with them.

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She was inspired by how nurses took care of her grandfather 

Unlike the other community care workers we had previously mentioned, Sze Min knew she wanted to help others and work in Community Care at a young age. 

It was when Sze Min’s grandfather was admitted to a hospital, that she saw nurses in action. This inspired her to take up the same profession and help others in her career. She was only a junior college student then, but she knew she wanted to spend her life helping and caring for others.

A student nurse currently pursuing her degree in Nursing, Sze Min’s dive into the Nursing world has allowed her confidence to grow.

In her journey to become a nurse, she has been attached to many community care establishments to learn on the job, undergoing fruitful mentorships with senior nurses. Through her experiences, she has groomed her communication skills and is able to communicate more effectively with the patients.

There are many different routes that people have taken to join the Community Care sector - some are more direct, others are found at a later time in life. Sze Min had her mind set on joining the sector from the start and has started her journey towards a fulfilling career that gives back to her community. 

What is Community Care and who is a part of it?

Community care services are targeted towards helping people who need the care and support to live and age gracefully. The sector is made up of various community hospitals, hospices, and care centres that may provide care services for people at home as well. 

Much like a medical hospital, community hospitals and establishments also have many nurses and trained caregivers working on the premises. However, there are many other roles not related to nursing that are available in the sector and play a prominent part in daily operations. 

To ensure that the seniors under their care receive the proper nutrition, cooks and kitchen assistants are very much needed for their expertise in preparing a nutritious meal. Dedicated and patient drivers are employed to transport seniors, while housekeepers keep their living conditions pristine and comfortable.

Everyone has a part to play in the community care sector. 

Why join the Community Care sector?

The community care sector provides plenty of rewarding opportunities to make an impact on the elderly by helping them live well and age gracefully. With an ever-growing vibrant care community, joining the community care sector ensures you’ll find a sense of fulfillment doing something truly meaningful. 

If you’re worried that your skills or qualifications won’t be a good fit for the sector, don’t fret - the community care sector has something for everyone. Whether you’re a caregiver or a cook, young or old, there are always ways for you to touch lives and make a difference. 

If you’re interested in joining the community care sector, why not check out the Community Care Sector Virtual Job Fair?