7 Jobs to Look Out for this Chinese New Year Season


Written by Chrissabel Kum

The festive period is far from over! Throughout January, consumers will be stocking up on supplies for Chinese New Year and spending more on the festivities. Businesses typically gear up to capture the increase in consumer spending during this time.

As such, temporary and casual festive jobs across industries such as retail, F&B, warehousing, health, and beauty are areas to look for jobs right now.

If you are a student looking to gain work experience and also earn some extra cash, this is the best time to look for a job!

For stay-at-home mums and mature workers, you get to make new friends, expand your social network, and earn a side income at the same time.

Here are our top 7 jobs for this Chinese New Year season!

1. New Year Goodies Promoters

Enjoy speaking to people? A promoter job is best for you. Learn the tips and tricks of selling and influencing shoppers and stand to earn more commission the more you sell. 

Some perks you get include snacking on a variety of new year goodies on the job and bringing a smile to people of all ages. 

After all, who can say no to free samples of delectable new year goodies?

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2. Bakers

Do you love to create and play around with recipes and ingredients? 

If so, why not consider working as a baker this festive season? 

Hone your baking skills and who knows, you may be well on your way to crafting your own recipe and brand for next year!

3. Pickers and Packers

For mature workers or housewives that enjoy working hands-on, why not consider working as a picker or packer in your neighbourhood? 

Utilize your organisation skills by keeping things neat and in order on the job. What’s more, you can work at your convenience in terms of timing and location. 

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4. Chefs

With all the feasting during the CNY period, restaurants are always looking for chefs.

Learn about preparing different ingredients and the methods of creating different flavours. Get yourself better equipped with the skills and knowledge of creating popular Chinese dishes or even mix them up to create fusion dishes! 

5. Retail Staff

If you are a student or fresh graduate seeking a source of side income, you should consider working in retail. 

It provides you enough hours so that you can earn more cash on the job, and often times you’ll get to work with friends or work alongside a youthful and vibrant team. 

Whilst working, you’ll get to spot the latest trends, not just in fashion, but also in skincare and makeup products. 

You can do your New Year shopping at the same time while you work on the job!

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6. Service Crew

Anyone can be a service crew no matter your age or career level. 

Food establishments are everywhere; from pop-up event stalls and cafes to restaurants and hotels. The job opportunities are endless. 

You get to work in a close-knit team where everyone helps one another. 

Besides the Chinatown Festive Street Bazaar, check out the Facebook page for Singapore Night Bazaar for a listing on Festive events happening islandwide.

What’s more, many food establishments provide employee benefits such as meals, transport, and overtime, so that you can minimize your expenses.

7. Delivery Drivers

Drivers are definitely high in demand during New Year's, thanks to online shopping. 

You can see yourself delivering large items such as furniture to small online packages. 

No matter which type of transportation you drive, as orders pick up during the festive season, it is a great opportunity to earn a quick buck!

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In a nutshell

Chinese New Year is always a time for celebration and get-togethers. 

It is also a great opportunity for job seekers out there to try out different roles according to their passion or to gain skills to better equip themselves to stay relevant in the job economy. 

If you are a mature worker, stay-at-home mom, or in the midst of making a comeback to the workforce, you can focus your search this festive period and start building your skills and experience.

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