7 Grooming Tips to Consider Before You Join the Hotel Industry


Grooming is much more than keeping clean and putting on a fresh set of clothes every day.

It is how you portray yourself, which is a reflection of your professionalism and personality. 

Here are 7 tips on how to groom yourself to secure a job in the hospitality industry.

1. Appearance matters

Dress for success

When dressing for an interview for a hotel job, dress more formally than the other employees. 

For men, wear formal business attire with a suit and tie. 

For ladies, you can choose to wear a suit, dress pants, and a blouse, or a formal dress with blazer.

Keep clothing choices simple and wear formal colors like black and white, dark brown or dark blue. 

Avoid wearing clothing with loud or overly complicated prints.

If you have an interview scheduled for a hotel job, ensure that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the agreed time. Click here to read more interview tips!

As most hotel jobs have uniforms and standard code of dressing to adhere to, make sure you find out what their standards are as early as possible and try to follow them.

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Look polished

Things to note while you are working in a hotel:

Ensure that your outfit is well washed and ironed right before wearing it. 

Make sure that there are no buttons missing and that your badge name is displayed clearly.

Hair should be tied in a neat bun or pulled back for ladies with long hair working in front-facing customer roles. 

For men, hair should be neatly styled up. Ensure that there is no facial hair and you look neat.

Avoid multiple piercings, tattoos, overtly coloured hair and long fingernails. 

They might be part of your lifestyle, but it might go against you and people might question your professionalism. 

2. Be aware of your body language

Those who are looking to work at the frontline, such as front office staff, butlers or restaurant servers, need to be conscious about their body language and how they conduct themselves in front of the customers.

It is always important to serve customers with a smile. Remember that you represent the brand you are working for and not yourself.

Be aware of your posture when you stand or walk. Walk briskly and straight. Do not lean on walls or railings. 

3. Maintain a positive attitude

It is important to keep the right attitude when you will be working for frontline jobs in hotels and restaurants.

Be enthusiastic and upbeat in your conversations with your guests. 

Do not be afraid to speak up and ask ‘How’s your day?’. A simple greeting like that can make the guests feel welcomed.

Do not complain about your previous bosses or job experiences. 

Adopt a learning approach and talk about what you have gained from handling people with different personalities.

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4. Make periodic personal grooming checks

In the hospitality sector, it is always useful to check your self routinely to ensure that you meet grooming standards.

For ladies, it is also a good time to retouch your makeup and lipstick so that you look energetic throughout the day. 

For men, it is also important to ensure that your hair is not out of place and you look and smell good. 

Keep a bottle of deodorant/ cologne handy in your locker to freshen up anytime.

5. Avoid wearing anything flashy

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. For both genders, a simple ring and watch are acceptable. For ladies, small studs are allowed or a simple necklace. Makeup should be kept light and minimum. 

Avoid vivid colours like bright blues, greens or violet on the eyes. Blusher can be worn but nothing too dramatic. 

Lipstick colours should be kept simple and classic. Avoid wearing bright lipstick colours.

Fingernails should be kept clean and trimmed. Nail polish is allowed in some departments. 

Always check with your manager or supervisor about the grooming standards if unsure.

6. Take charge of personal hygiene

Teeth should always look clean and breath must be fresh. One tip is to carry around a box of mints to freshen your breath throughout the day.

If you smoke, don't forget to cover your tracks. Smoking lingers not only on the breath, but also on your clothes. 

If you are working in front-facing customer roles in a hotel or restaurant, it is best to carry a small perfume or cologne with you.

Avoid overusing perfumes and colognes. It's easy to think that more is better, but just a hint of scent is good enough.

7. Find a pair of comfortable shoes

If you ask anyone working in the hotel industry, they will advise you to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes. 

In most hotel jobs, you will be on your feet all day. It is important therefore to select a comfortable pair of shoes that can let you walk or stand for long periods of time. 

For ladies, one tip is to choose a pair of comfortable black heels with padded insoles so that your feet will not ache by the end of the day. 

Stockings can be worn for some frontline roles such as concierge, or front office jobs. 

For men, choose a comfortable pair of black socks and business shoes that suits your feet. 

For frontline positions such as waiter or butler in hotels and restaurants, ensure that your shoes are clean and waxed regularly.

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In a nutshell

Working in the hotel industry is never easy, especially when you meet and come across people with different cultures and personalities.

As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. 

Using the tips above, you can create a good impression and better prepare yourself for a career in the hotel industry.

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