6 Unexpected Ways Your Part-Time Job Can Help You At School

Written By: Neon Drew

It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

Many of us engage in part-time jobs to finance our hobbies, but we often overlook the intangible skills acquired that may give our academic performance a boost. You could be serving Llao Llao in town or keeping H&M display racks pristine - regardless of the job, you’ll find common threads that’ll help you in school one way or another.

Here are 6 unexpected ways working part-time could make you a better student:

1. You'll Learn to be Punctual


On the job, you realise that your actions have direct consequences, and coming in 20 minutes late might spell overtime for another staff member or a manpower shortage. What’s more, it could cost you your job and leave a negative impression. That means no more deciding not to turn up just because you woke up 10 minutes late!

When it comes to school, you'll finally understand why punctuality is important and know how to plan your schedule around your lectures and classes. Setting up multiple alarms will become second nature to you. It's all about building up a strong work ethic, and your time at work would have drilled that into you.

2. You Become An Expert in Communicating


Whether it’s persuading a fellow co-worker to swap shifts with you so you can attend to a family matter or explaining how a refund is not possible without receipts, there’s no better time to put your communication skills to work. You’ll grow to be more adept at voicing out your views in an effective manner and that makes for a better team player when group work happens.

For example, you might be able to use the crisis management skills you learnt from your job to convince a group mate to give up one night of partying to finish their part of the essay on time. For once, you'll be thankful for the challenging customers you have encountered.

3. You Rub Shoulders with People from All Walks of Life


One perk of working part-time is the chance to meet people you wouldn’t have in usual circumstances. The diverse group you’ll get acquainted with will not only help break stereotypes you may have held, but also offer you alternative world views. In the long run, you’ll have a lean and mean crew with different skills you can draw on. And hey, perhaps one day that graphic design major coworker of yours could give you a hand or offer tips in making outstanding slides for a school presentation #truestory. Sometimes, success isn't about what you know, but who you know.

4. Make Great Friends Along the Way


More often than not, the best of friendships are forged in the most amusing circumstances. Nothing builds a friendship more than overcoming challenges together while sharing both the highs and lows.

Often, part-time employees are also students from various schools. Build a rapport with them and organize study sessions to motivate one another. Share tips on studying smart with your fellow comrades and aid one another in subjects related to your course of study.

5. You’ll Develop An Infallible Sense of Patience


Challenging customers and long work hours won't last, but the virtue of patience sticks around. A high-pressure environment and occasional difficult request can prove to be a real test of patience, but you'll come out better than ever once you have experienced it.

In school, you'll be more tolerant and accommodating to the needs of others. No longer will you lash out blindly at annoying teammates, but instead seek their understanding or compromise to fit their needs.

6. It Prepares You For The Real World


Above all, working part-time gives you a taste of the real world before you officially join the workforce full-time. It's more than just a way to make money since you're entrusted with responsibilities that’ll have a direct impact on everyone in the organisation.

You'll learn that sometimes we all will have to do something we don't like for the common good. You'll also see the importance of being professional and carrying out good work ethic wherever you go. Turning up for class on time, handing in your work, being respectful to your professors and keeping your cool translates to a professional life beyond school too! And you'll be thankful for the lessons your jobs would have taught you.

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