How To Achieve A 5-STAR Profile

You have applied for many jobs, but no one is getting back to you. Wondering what might be the problem? Look no further, because we’re here to help!

Step 1: Make sure your basic information is filled up

(It’s called basic information for a reason!)

About Me
*A thing to note: Your email address cannot be changed after you enter it into the profile. Please email our friendly to request for editing of your email.

Okay, so now that you’ve entered your basic details, it’s time to start building your profile. Employers are constantly on the lookout to get to know you better and how you are as an employee.

Step 2: Add a profile picture

Profile Picture

Would you add someone with no profile picture on Facebook? It may be useful to add value to your profile with a professional photo of yourself. Some customer service sectors may require friendly personalities so do impress your employers with your million-dollar smile!

Step 3: Add your work experience and education background

To increase your chances of getting a job, it is important to list down relevant information such as your skills and previous work experiences (if any) on your profile page. Once you click ‘apply’ for a job, these information will be sent to the employers as well.

Work Experience

Scroll down your profile page, tap on the pink ‘Add Work Experience’ button and it will bring you to this page:

Add Work Experience

It’s pretty straightforward. Just be truthful. You can upload up to 5 work experiences and if you have more than that, (wow!) we advise that you pick out the most recent and relevant ones. Always remember that each step adds value to your profile and quality is still most important! Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ once you’re done.

Once you’re done with adding your work experience it’s time to head over and update your education background.

Educational Background

Select the pink button and you will be led to this page.

Add Education

Don’t forget to save your changes!

Step 4: Add your Skills and Languages

Yeah! Done with updating your education? Does that bring you to the good ‘ol student days, ahh nostalgic times! Alright snap out of it, time to update your skills set so that employers can assess at a glance if you’re a great fit for the job!

Tap and you will go to your skills page, where you can select job skills depending on the type of industry.


Select the ones which are most relevant to you and the job you are applying for. You may select up to a maximum of 10 relevant skills.

Add Skills

Once you’ve selected your skills, click ‘Save’ on the top right corner of the page!

Enjoy watching canto shows? Chat in hokkien with your grandma? Speak both Hindi and Punjabi? Your super language skills could get you hired! Don’t hesitate to flaunt your language capabilities under the language tab, simply click on’ Add Languages’ to select.



Next, it would be great if you can furnish your profile by uploading your resume. We’ll show you how!

You’re getting there.

Step 5: Upload your Resume

There are a few ways to upload your resume onto your profile via your mobile.

Firstly, tap on the ‘Resume’ tab and go to ‘Upload Resume Now’. You can then choose to do one of these:

1. Pre-upload your resume file into Google Drive and then select from there

2. Send your resume to your own email and download to your phone before uploading your file from your phone’s ‘downloads’ folder

3. Upload from your PC via our FastJobs website (only applicable for people who don’t use Facebook login)

Add Resume

Do take note that your resume file must not exceed 2MB and file type must be in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt format.

CAN’T WAIT TO START WORKING? Let your employers know by turning on the ‘I can start work anytime’ alert!

Start Work Immediately

Aaaand.. You’re finally done! Your profile is now stronger with the 5 steps in place. Go on, and get your next job on FastJobs now!

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