5 Types of People You Encounter When You Work as a Security Officer


Written by Chrissabel Kum

Depending on the type of industry, workdays as a security officer can range from routine to exciting. In a bustling city like Singapore where people of diverse cultures meet, every day in the job is never the same. 

Though some encounters may make you feel undervalued in the job, the fact that you are assisting people with their problems coupled with relationships and people skills you gain makes it a rewarding profession.

Here are some interesting encounters and people you meet in the job. Share them with your buddies at the next kopi session.

1. The regulars

These are the people you talk to all the time, ranging from any profession. Your condo residents who invite you for their bbq party, or office workers who give you a smile as they run off for their meetings. It is comforting assurance that people out there notice your presence and give honest appreciation for your services. 

If you work in a residential building, housewives are your best source of information about the residents. Such information is helpful to your job as a security guard.

Instead of being out there patrolling, just stand next to them for 10 minutes and you can be updated through the grapevine. While waiting for the school bus, you find out the children in unit #10-11 has chickenpox, the maid in #14-07 has changed or a new tenant has moved in to block 36. 

Whatever the case, becoming a human Facebook will help you in your job at the same time become everyone’s favorite source of information.

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2. Campus voyeurs

Voyeurism has hit the headlines in recent months. Such cases have thrown campus security into question. 

Nothing beats a story of you running after someone to catch that peeping tom. Just kidding. Heroism aside, it is important to be vigilant when it comes to dealing with hot button issues such as breach of privacy, harassment, and spying.

That being said, schools have beefed up campus security by installing locks in bathrooms, more CCTVs and hiring more security guards at hostels. 

3. The antsy food delivery man

Delivery riders who park their PMDs, bicycles or motorbikes carelessly may frustrate you with their "just a while only uncle", but they do take on a voluminous amount of orders every day. 

Edgar, 43, handles about 25 to 30 orders a day. He spends about 10 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week zipping through homes, eateries and offices. Rain and slippery roads also make food delivery work challenging.

So help your fellow service counterparts by showing them the proper area to park their vehicles, free from danger and obstacles. Or the sheltered area so that they can put on a raincoat before zipping off on their next order.

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4. The openly defiant office workers

Places of heightened security such as banks, casinos and airports require security officers to be stern, firm and unyielding. Even in office buildings, there is a need to check on the staff passes of employees. Lots of them understand the deal, though some might give you the stink eye. 

You may encounter many who act like defiant high school teens who don’t like to be checked and just walk past, hoping to not get caught. That, my friend, is called a security breach. 

Not many people can understand the consequences of their actions, hence it is important to educate them as a security officer. In turn, it makes your job a whole lot easier. 

5. Autograph collectors and superfans 

While you might have training for most emergencies, there will be unforeseen circumstances that require you to act on your feet. 

Dealing with autograph collectors and superfans can be extremely chaotic especially when escorting VIPs or mega superstars to and from airports, hotels and event venues.

As such, your role to maintain order requires situational awareness, especially when there are large masses screaming fans. Fans tend to disregard their own safety and others surrounding them when their famous Kpop idol arrives in town.

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In a nutshell

If you are looking to serve people and the community, choose to be stationed at a private residence or shopping mall. 

Some days you are literally a service helpdesk responding to cries of help for a lost wallet, handphone or Taobao parcel. Or being a hawkeye sussing out a lost child on the loose. 

Being a security guard means that no two days are the same, whether you are adventurous or stable, the experience will be unique to you.

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