5 Things to Consider When Taking up a Full-Time Job Offer


Written by Hanisah Sajahan

You spent so much time and effort preparing for your job interview; updating your resume, dressing up presentably, and practicing your interview skills. You were so involved in the process that once you receive a job offer, all you want to do is accept it but have you really considered if this is the job for you? 

There are many factors to consider. Your salary plays a big part but there is much more to a full-time job. If you’re not sure of what these factors are, fret not, we’re here with a list of things to consider that will help you analyze all aspects before you accept the job offer. 


Salary is the most important aspect of a full-time job as we are committing the majority of our time to this new job for a monetary return. It’s vital to first consider if your job pays you an amount that you are comfortable with and if the job is paying you a salary that is adequate based on your skillset and experience. 

However, it is crucial to be realistic with your expected salary. You should do some research on the market rate and then decide if the job meets your expectations. 

Although salary is the most important factor of a full-time job, the other factors which are covered below can be of equal importance, and can definitely help you make a more well-informed decision.

Growth opportunities

Everyone wants career progression in a full-time job. It is certainly important to find out if the company that you are joining offers any education or training opportunities to help you develop your knowledge and skills. Some companies may offer to cover the cost of your training programs to encourage the upskilling of their employees, resulting in better and more efficient work.

The company that you are joining should ideally add value to your life as an employee. Accepting a job should be a stepping stone to greater things coming ahead, be it in the same job, or other job opportunities that may arise. It is good to discuss this during your job interview as it shows your willingness and ambition to progress in your career. If this full-time job opens the doors of opportunity, it should impact your decision heavily. 


It’s the little things that usually go a long way. You wouldn’t want to end up being dissatisfied with your job just because it consumes too much travel time. 

You have to consider the fact that you’ll have to wake up earlier and reach home later as you’re spending more time on the roads. You may have had a long day at work and the travel back home might drain you out even more. 

“Time is money and money is time”. Travelling has its monetary costs too, so that’s double the money.

Think of all the feasible ways of transportation that can take you to your workplace. If nothing works at your convenience, then you’ll have to decide if this job is going to be worth the travel! 

Perks and Benefits

It may not be the biggest of concerns but do take some time to review the benefits that are being offered to you in your full-time job, as these perks and benefits can come in handy over the long run. 

Working for a company with a good list of employee benefits would have you covered in various ways. Most full-time jobs come with some benefits to help employees and keep them happy. Perks like the number of leave days, medical coverage, provision of meals, and staff discounts are examples of benefits that are non-monetary but can greatly shape the way you consider a full-time job offer.

Contrast and compare the benefits of the job offers you have received. From here, you can weigh the pros and cons and deduce which perks and benefits are of higher value to you.

Company Culture

The working culture of a company matters as it determines whether your personality suits the company and whether the company suits you. You would want to work comfortably and connect with people with similar working styles as you.

Look upon the company’s website and do some research on their mission and values. You can also hear from employees for the company by visiting websites such as Glassdoor and social media sites like Facebook.

Work culture can give you a sense of belonging and can help you be productive as well. It’s another factor that can contribute to a better working experience overall at your full-time job.

Wrapping up

Before committing to a full-time job, it is of paramount importance that we consider all of the other factors that come together to satisfy your requirements in a full-time job. 

Often times, it’s the little things that make a huge difference when it comes to job satisfaction. We hope that you consider all factors shared before ultimately deciding on which full-time job offer you should take. 

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