5 Reasons Why You Should Experience Working as a Waiter


As we all know, most Singaporeans are foodies. According to NEA, 85 percent of Singapore residents eat out at least once a week, with roughly one in 10 of them are eating out every day.

We dine out most of the time, sometimes traveling out of the way and queuing in search for the best food in town. 

If you’re really passionate about food, becoming a waiter can be a great stepping stone into the F&B industry or just having a better understanding of the industry that all of us interact with on a daily basis.

Besides learning about how to communicate with guests, what goes into the food, setting up the table, wine pairing, the learning opportunities are endless. Not convinced? 

Read on to find out why Waitering can be an enriching experience for anyone. 

1. Learn vital skills in the workforce

Learn to work in a fast-paced environment

Being a waiter is not easy. You are constantly on the run managing the large volume of food and drink orders and constant crowd, especially during peak hours. 

Crazy busy days are the norm in your daily work. Getting used to hustle in a fast-paced environment will get you up to speed for any job in the future. 

Being a waiter also means that you will need to think and act fast to address any kind of situation - and situations do constantly crop up whenever you’re in the front line!

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Learn about teamwork

Many times, waiters help each other carry out daily tasks such as cleaning the tables, preparing beverages and taking orders. 

You will learn to anticipate the needs of other servers and get used to seeking support when needed. In a small team, you will also likely need to work across “departments”, such as with chefs from the kitchen, the reservations team, the bartender and other colleagues.

The environment is outcome-focused and it is vital to learn to communicate well to ensure that the customers receive the right orders and have a pleasant dining experience.

By learning how to effectively work with others, you can expect to become a valuable employee in any job.

2. Stay active

By being constantly on the move, waiters are always exercising while working on the job. 

You burn lots of calories by working from station to station, running back and forth different tables, the food stores, cold stores and the kitchen. 

You build muscles by lifting and carrying tables and chairs, kitchen equipment and heavy ingredients. 

This will help you to develop agility and a sense of balance on the job, which can never be achieved if you were to sit at a desk facing the computer all day.

3. Good source of income

Many students in Singapore will start out working part time jobs as a waiter to earn more pocket money. 

Hotels and restaurants are always looking to hire waiters especially during peak periods, such as on weekends and during public holidays. 

Most of the time, the salaries during peak periods are doubled. Being a waiter provides you with a steady stream of income so that you do not have to worry about being cash strapped.

More and more restaurants have opened up in the past five years, up from 2,041 in 2008 to a total of 2,426 in 2012, according to the Department of Statistics. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities for waiters out there.

Moreover, the salary increases when you become more experienced, which means there is always a scope to earn more cash.

4. Staff privileges

Working in F&B has its own privileges such as discounts and free meals. 

You are able to try out food from experienced chefs that you will not normally pay for at a high-end fancy restaurant. 

Some restaurants allow waiters to take home food that cannot be sold for the day, such as cakes, sandwiches or salads. 

By working as a waiter, you can reduce the cost of grocery shopping and expenses on food by a great amount.

5. Ability to work anywhere

Those who pursue a career in F&B can find themselves working possibly anywhere in the world. In hotels, on a cruise ship, in theme parks, membership clubs etc. 

From small establishments like cafes to large chain dining restaurants, the possibilities are just endless. 

Moreover, the skills that you learn from being a waiter can be transferred to any job, in any hotel or restaurant around the world.

So if you dream of working overseas, why not start working as a waiter?

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In a nutshell

Being a waiter might not be the ideal job for everyone. But many people still choose to become a waiter as the skill sets gained from becoming a waiter will benefit you in any career. 

Other benefits such as ample job opportunities and staff meals can give you a good income and help you save on cost. 

It is hard work, but at the end of the day, work ends once your shift ends. You can return home and rest easy. There are no deadlines to meet, no stress of bringing your work home.

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