5 Part-time Jobs for Earning a Decent Side Income


Indeed, there are various part-time positions available for Singaporeans to apply. However, a common misconception in Singapore is the lack of high-paying jobs due to such saturated demand despite constant hiring from these companies. This is fortunately not the case and FastJobs is here to help clear this misconception!

It’s your lucky day - because we are going to share five high-paying part-time jobs to help get some side salaries rolling in. You can find flexible yet lucrative job positions in this article, so read on!

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1. Food Delivery Driver (up to $4,000/ Month)


Many Singaporeans have seen countless Foodpanda Delivery Drivers scooting around or simply strutting off on foot to deliver orders to people’s doorsteps. Have you imagined yourself as part of the Foodpanda family? 

Perks. If you decide to join Foodpanda’s network of drivers, here are some benefits that you can look forward to: 

  • Foodpanda’s management is mature and understanding towards their employees, so voicing out obstacles faced during work is widely accepted.
  • The best part - you can have your lunches anytime in the day, just kept within one hour.

Cons. No CPF (Central Provident Fund) payouts will be issued to you, so you will be receiving your salaries as its raw amount.

Salary. For a start, Foodpanda offers up to $550 sign up bonuses for newcomers and $3,000 to $4,000 monthly salary - another way to earn great money fast! Foodpanda also issues an hourly pay of $9 to $9.50/ hour and commissions up to $7 on weekends, well-above the part-time payout average.

Requirements. You only need to meet the following three conditions to be eligible for this job position - if you currently have an iPhone 4/ Android 4.2 and above, a personal vehicle (e.g. Bicycle, Motorcycle, etc.) and is a Singaporean above 18 years of age, do consider spreading love through delivering food to fellow Singaporeans!

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2. Crafts Retailer (up to $12/ Hour)


For those who are interested in stepping into the high-end industry someday, this position serves as a great first-step to understand the working environment. You can expect to educate the public about an array of intricate ceramics and laquerware, which is definitely a plus for crafts enthusiasts out there!

Perks. Many a times, the retail industry demands tight schedules and high commitment which can be a hurdle for Singaporeans taking up multiple part-time jobs. However, there are two slots to choose from - a 5-day work week and a 2-day work week, making it a flexible position to consider.

Salary. Needless to say, receiving an above-market hourly rate of $12 sounds tempting to many. The better news is that no retailing experience is required to take on this position! Definitely a highly suitable option for students working individually or with friends.

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3. Parcel Delivery Driver (up to $3,999/ Month)

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With over 3 million customers internationally, EzBuy presents you with an opportunity to join their team to assist in issuing out packages across Singapore! EzBuy is an E-Commerce platform that retails anything under the sun - from consumables to shopping goods and delivers them right at your doorsteps.

Perks. Due to rising demand of E-Commerce logistics, taking up a delivery position brings some amazing monetary benefits for you:

Flexible working hours. Part-timers can comfortably plan their EzBuy time slots into their schedules without compromising on other commitments.

Attractive part-time salaries. Also providing excellent career advancement opportunities*, this position suits for those looking to continue providing their services for EzBuy.

* Exclusive for Class 4 drivers only.

Salary. EzBuy rewards Home Delivery Drivers with every unique parcel address delivered. ($3.50 for any Singapore address, $5.00 for address within CBD area). Monthly rates of said position can go up to $4,000 as well!

Requirements. Simply put, you only need to have your own van, car or small lorry to begin your delivering parcels with EzBuy. Soft skills? Deiligence in completing deliveries, passionate in what you do and can adapt to a flexible working environment. Got all boxes checked? Send in your application with FastJobs via the link below!

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4. Service Crew (up to $12/ Hour)


There are misconceptions drifting around that service crew are often underpaid. Those who are passionate about waitering, Sun With Moon - a Japanese restaurant in Singapore, is paying up to $12 per hour! Good news for those tight on schedule, the minimum commitment stays low at 3 days per week, means more free time for other responsibilities.

Perks. Know a friend or family member that loves feasting on delicious Japanese foods? Sun With Moon’s staff discount entitles you to receive a monthly one-time 50% discount for your meals there, so that is something to look forward to. It is time to hit up your friends and enjoy these perks together!

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5. Assembly Technician (up to $14/ Hour)

Assembly TechnicianSource

Harnessing great demand for part-time assemblers, such jobs naturally provide high hourly salaries for their employees. Job-seekers who work best executing hands-on projects, the Assembly Technician position is perfect for you. Product Line jobs present great Full-Time conversion opportunities, which rewards you well based on your performance. 

General Scope. Attention to precision and accuracy is key to do well in the production line, thus justifying the high salary payout of up to $14 per hour. Do you have a keen eye in systematic processes? Consider applying for this position!

Requirements. Applying for an Assembly Technician places little emphasis on education but more on hard and soft skills. With prior experience in this field and a positive outlook towards carrying out your job, that would amply prepare you for your application.

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In a Nutshell

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