5 Lowkey Amazing Benefits That You Gain from Working in Retail


Written by: Chrissabel Kum

Retail jobs generally have a bad rep for its long hours. However, it can be a great stepping stone for young people out there who have the drive to withstand the rigour. 

Besides building up social and people skills which are vital in any job in the future, being able to think on your feet and react to any situation is what you can stand to gain on the job.

Retail companies offer generous staff benefits in a bid to attract and retain talent. Read on to find out more about employee perks that you can expect to earn in the retail industry.

1. Staff Discounts

One of the perks of working in retail is staff benefits. Some companies offer free uniforms, and staff discounts so you do not have to pay full price for the clothes you wish to buy.

Companies such as Uniqlo offer 2 free sets of uniforms and 30% staff discount for regular priced items. Robinson’s group provides 25% staff discounts to retail brands under the group such as Zara, Marks and Spencer, Mango, Ted Baker.  

You stand to own good quality clothing and merchandise working as a retail employee. A good way to save money whilst shopping!

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2. Transport Allowance

At times, you may need to work overtime, especially during the festive periods and major sales events such as the GSS or year-end sales. At times, you might also be deployed to partake in atrium sales which might be a distance away from where you stay.

Understandably, the shopping crowd can be overwhelming on weekends and public holidays. Work may stretch after closing hours. Companies like Uniqlo provide late-night transport allowance to compensate retail employees for their hard work.

3. Free Samples

Stand to gain free samples from makeup, skincare, pouches, and other accessories if you work in the beauty industry. 

If you work as a supermarket sampler, chances are that you will have access to food samples such as lollies, gummies, drinks etc. Kids and housewives will love you. Let’s be honest, no one can resist being offered something free in the face, especially sweet treats.

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4. Insider information on the latest trends

Apart from freebies, you can also stand to gain first-hand knowledge of the products from a variety of industries such as beauty, household products, and electronics.

For the makeup gurus, you will know which brands are the ones that keep up with their R&D. Being in retail makes you a more discerning consumer as you can distinguish the real deals from the gimmicks. Get the scoop on the latest eye shadow, lipstick colours and makeup combinations that are trending in the market. 

5. Get advice from the experts

For makeup enthusiasts, working in Sephora and being surrounded by beauty experts can be your dream come true. There is literally a universe of products and samples for you to try out and customize your look differently every day.

For those who go for minimalist makeup, inspired by the Korean and Japanese beauty companies, there are training events held by respective beauty companies to train retail staff in customizing the right look for different facial shapes and skin tones.

If you are into skincare, you gain an understanding of the various ingredients to look out for that are beneficial to your skin. Which are the ones that work and the ones to avoid for various skin types? 

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In a nutshell

Retail jobs are entertaining and exciting as you meet and interact with people from all walks of life. If you enjoy assisting people, retail is definitely the job for you. 

Helping people understand their needs, educating them to make conscious choices and become discerning consumers is what makes a career in retail rewarding.

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