4 Productive Mobile Applications for the Jobseeker


Written by Jarrett Ng

The smartphone is arguably one of the greatest technological innovations of our time. It’s transformed the way we communicate, the way we get entertained, even the way we work. However, in customer-centric and non-executive jobs in Singapore, the smartphone is not seen as an essential tool to make work easier and more efficient. 

We believe it’s time for things to change in 2020. With the start of the new year already here, why not take the opportunity to revitalize your phone and digitize your part-time or full-time jobs? Here’s our list of productive mobile applications for non-executive workers:

Todoist (Free on iOS & Android)

Todoist is a planner and task management app that is efficient, clean-looking, and makes use of a special natural language engine that is capable of translating any quick jotted-down thoughts into properly-worded and organized tasks. Need to jot down a list of supplies to get for work? Confused over the multitude of tasks your supervisor has assigned you? Todoist is capable of handling that, and more. Used by over 20 million people, Todoist allows for tasks to be customized to your desires, with features such as due dates, task assignment, and priority levels, so that you can accomplish them efficiently and quickly. If you’re looking for retail or F&B jobs in Singapore why not try downloading FastJobs?

MindTools (Free on iOS & Android)

As the saying goes, young or old, learning never stops. This rings especially true for MindTools; an educational app containing a treasure trove of content for you to read on the go. It focuses on learning about essential skills to succeed in any career, such as management, personal organization, decision making, and problem-solving. These skills are as important as they come in any industry, and learning about them would do wonders to boost your productivity in many non-executive roles. For example, a server has to be equipped with proper stress management skills to perform well in the fast-paced F&B industry. Whether you’re on your daily commute to work, or simply lounging at home, pull up the MindTools app - it’ll help you go a long way in your career!

Evernote (Free on iOS & Android)

Evernote is a powerful note-taking application that enhances traditional note-taking solutions available on mobile. It allows for the addition of media such as photo, video, and audio to your notebook along with additional organizational and formatting options, giving your notes an added level of detail. Your notes are also automatically synced across devices, meaning your notes will always be there no matter whether you’re using a computer or smartphone. Having trouble remembering multiple orders from customers as a server? Dealing with customers making very special requests as a retail assistant? Evernote’s there for you.

Google Calendar (Free on iOS & Android)

Google Calendar is often cited as one of the most functional and versatile calendar applications around - and for good reason. With Google Calendar, even the busiest person in the world would be able to keep their schedule organized. Users can indicate tasks and their duration on a particular day and differentiate between types of tasks with the use of colour-coding. Different views of the calendar are available, ranging from a day, week, and month, depending on how you’d like to view your schedule. Users are also able to invite people to a particular event, whereby their acceptance would lead to the event appearing on their calendar as well! If you’re having trouble keeping track of multiple dates or locations for work, Google Calendar’s got your back.

In Summary

From keeping track of tasks to taking quick and easy notes, these productivity applications can still be of great use even in a non-executive/customer-centric setting. We at FastJobs hope that by equipping yourself with these applications, you’ll be able to perform your job efficiently and smoothly! And for those who are looking for a job, download the FastJobs app to explore many full-time and part-time & contract jobs across multiple industries.