2020 New Year Resolutions for the Jobseeker


Written by Jarrett Ng

The new year has arrived! January is a good time to give your yearly goals and aspirations a good refresh. And if you're currently looking for a job, take this opportunity to adjust your goals and aspirations and ensure you're well prepared for your job hunt this year!

Don’t fret - if you’re stressing over what it takes to stay relevant and get good employment opportunities in the new year, let us be your guide. We’ve crunched the numbers, looked at the data, and analyzed trends in the job industry as a whole coming into 2020. Here are 3 goals to aim for in the new year.

1. I will adapt to the rise of the machines

Automation and digitization have become prevalent throughout many industries in recent years, and it has never been more relevant today. 

More businesses are relying on technology to optimize business and production processes. Gone are the days of putting pen to paper - any sort of physical or repetitive activity is at risk of being automated and digitized. And it is for good reason - automation and digitalization help save time and energy, allowing for humans like us to work easier and more efficiently.

As a result, recent trends indicate a profound demand in the job industry for people who are capable of handling automated and digital processes. Whether be it desk-bound jobs, working in a restaurant, retail or logistics, new technology is everywhere and employees need to be able to thrive alongside these innovations. Strive to pick up relevant technical skills and upgrade in order to survive in this newly digitized world, similar to how a machine updates its firmware to upgrade to the latest version.

2. I will improve on my soft skills rather than simply focusing on my hard skills

Even though many technical-based skills are being phased out in favor of automated and digitized processes, soft skills will always be in demand. 

Now, what are soft and hard skills, you may wonder? Hard skills are skills that demonstrate technical proficiency, such as driving and graphic design. Soft skills are interpersonal skills that include social cues, communication abilities and personality traits that aid in working successfully. Examples include communication skills, creativity, and stakeholder management.  

In a digitized world, the importance of technical proficiency is being diminished - it may not matter if one is technically proficient when processes get automated. It is much harder to automate soft skills as there is a prevalent human aspect to it, and thus it is what sets a candidate apart from the rest. It is important that you develop the soft skills that an industry/company values - for many roles in the service industry, it’s collaboration, adaptability, and customer service skills, for example.

3. I will ensure that I’m fit for any task a machine cannot handle

Keeping with the theme of soft skills, certain industries and jobs exist that make use of these soft skills rather than simply relying on automation or digitization. People-focused industries such as healthcare or social work would probably not lose relevance, despite the rise of the digital age. 

As our population ages, the need for community care is far outstripping the number of people who are trained to give care. Getting yourself into industries like healthcare now will ensure many productive years ahead for you and your career. 

Looking Forward

Contrary to traditional claims that machines will soon take over everyone’s jobs, we at FastJobs believe that it will create new opportunities that we all will have to adapt to.

We need to ensure we stay updated and in tune with the technological developments happening across industries. Training and upskilling will become even more critical. If we take charge of our own development, the chances of us being inadvertently left behind would be much reduced.  Plenty of jobs that take advantage of the changing job landscape are available on FastJobs - download the app today! 

Set your new years’ resolutions accordingly, and may you have a successful year ahead!