10 Festive Jobs That You Should Look Out for This Holiday Season

Written by: Chrissabel Kum

Fancy earning some spare cash in the upcoming holidays? The festive season is here to replenish the hole in your wallet made during the 11.11 Singles’ Day. 

Make good use of the festive break to work in a fun job, gain people skills, expand your social network and earn some income at the same time. 

Anyone can take up festive jobs, whether you are a student, in between jobs, a housewife or a retiree. 

Here are 10 festive jobs that we recommend for you to take for side income:

1. Gift Wrappers

Unleash your inner creativity by putting your hands to the test. You will definitely walk away gaining expert-level skills of wrapping gifts of any material, shapes and sizes. 

Ranging from large stuffed toys, shapeless clothing to fiddly glassware, master the art of gift wrapping professionally from small boutique stores to large malls and atrium fairs.  

Departmental stores such as Takashimaya are looking for temporary gift wrappers. 

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2. Festive Retail Assistants

Love shopping or massive deals? Gain first-hand knowledge of the retail stocks on discount by working as a festive retail assistant. 

Not only will you know what models or designs are on sale, you will also be updated with what the stock levels are. You can compare models and make purchases at the right time. 

Who knows, if you are good in sales and product knowledge, you may be offered a part-time or full-time job opportunity with the company.  

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3. Cashiers

For those who love counting money, cashiering jobs are definitely up your alley. 

Learn the basics of how to operate a cash register, nets and credit card terminals. 

Keep your mind active during the holidays so you can easily transition back to student life and cramming for exams.

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4. Ticketing/ attractions crew

Major tourist attractions such as Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa, and the Singapore Zoo are the first in line to hire staff to handle the seasonal crowd.

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5. Event Crew

Events such as Christmas Wonderland and the Rainforest Lumina are some examples of the major festive celebration events in Singapore. 

Expect not just locals, but the influx of tourists waiting to be dazzled by the lights and sounds of Christmas and the New Year approaching.

With that many events and roadshows ongoing in these few months, you can be sure to land a job and start earning quickly. What’s more, you get to gain entry and exclusive access to these events - free of charge!

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6. Mystery Shoppers

If you enjoy shopping, why not earn an income while you browse? You get to interact with the sales assistants and know more about the product at the same time. 

From a wide range of products such as skincare, food, homecare, and supermarket products, you will become an expert at knowing the product categories and brands on the market.

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7. Festive Merchandiser/ Warehouse Assistants

Like keeping things organized? This is the job for you. From packing, sorting, labeling, and sealing. 

You get to see behind the scenes of what goes on in production before the products hit the stores.

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8. F&B Crew / Bakers

If you are a foodie, this is definitely the job for you. Not only do you get to earn money, but your meals are also provided for. Many pop up food stalls serve a wide range of food, from meals to go like burgers and snacks to baked goods such as cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. Due to the Christmas season, lots of cafes and bakeries are prepping up to bake a wide range of desserts and cakes. This is the time to get hands-on and convert your hobby into a real experience. 

Working in F&B guarantees that your hard work is doubly rewarded at the end of the day (in terms of a paycheck and a full belly).

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9. Ushers

Fancy working for a fun event with your friends? Have a memorable experience and who knows you might even get to watch movies, stage shows and gigs while on the job.

Some local events in Singapore in December include - Singapore International Film Festival, National Gallery Singapore - Century of Light exhibition, Merlion Magical Lights at Sentosa.

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10. Security Guards

Let us not forget the men in black who control the crowds and queue lines to ensure that we can party away in a safe and secure environment. Security guards are high in demand especially during the Christmas and new year periods to ensure that people and belongings are safe in crowded areas and that we get home safe after the celebration.

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In a nutshell

The biggest plus point about working during the festive period is that you get to work with your friends and utilize your holiday time to earn extra money and get some real on-ground experience. You will be better prepared to take on the workforce with the skills that you gain from taking up a temporary job during the festive period, every job has some new learning to offer. You just need to make full use of it!

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